White Lie



Your whitening problems are over!
No more worries about cloudiness. Glowing and
smooth whitening The secret is? 3D Dosage Form!


Belleza castillo White Lie

Capacity : 50ml

Main ingredients

USDA ORGANIC Certified 11kinds of ingredients over 95%, EGF

Product description

11kinds of organic ingredients + EGF give healthy tone rapidly.


Mystique texture turms into 3D egg shape ball when you shake it

Moves with keep moving skin creating moisture protect layer for long lasting soft skin.

EGF gives real clear white skin from inside the skin.

Keep it refrigerated for more moisture.

Korea’s fist moisture white cream making fresh moisture sound when you shake it.

7 non added(animal ingredient,paraben,ethanol,mineral oil,tar color,Laureth Sulfate,talc)


How to use

1.At the base step,mix appropriate amount of White lie for natural clear skin.

2.Use White lie and Mask pack at the same for confident bare skin.

3.Use as base for better make up fitting.