The garlic postbiotics




Product Name The garlic postbiotics

(김치아이 광복군 유산균)

Bar-code 8 809742 050012 Type of the product Processed food

(Powder type)


Packaging Unit

2 g x 30 Sticks / Paper box Packing Material PE / Paper box Total amount contained in one C/T box 105 Paper Boxes
Paper Box Spec (mm) Width 92 Length 70 High 112 Weight 104 g
C/T Box Size (mm) Width 500 Length 480 High 360 Weight 11.8 kg


The postbiotics prepared by the Lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from kimchi

Leuconostoc kimchii MB1220″ is lactic acid bacteria isolated from Korean Kimchi. This strain of lactic acid bacteria is protected as patented strain.


Research and Developed JUNG LAB Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer Natural Life Agricultural Co., Ltd
Features •Preserved the taste and nutrition of the garlic as it is.

Leuconostoc kimchii  MB1220 and the garlic  double-fermented and heat-treated.

•One strain of lactic acid bacteria from Kimchi (Leuconostoc kimchii  MB1220) and one strain of

postbiotics   from the garlic.

•Easy to carry out and easy to take.

Main Ingredient Postbiotics prepared with  the garlic

Heat-treated Leuconostoc kimchii MB1220 after double fermentation

•Probiotics Leuconostoc kimchii MB1220

•Fructo oligosaccharide

Certificates of


Direction One stick a day with water or milk or any preferable beverage.
Customer caution

upon intake

•If you are allergic, or calcemia, or are taking any prescribed medicines, Please consult your doctor.

•If you have any abnormal symptom upon administration, see your doctor immediately

•Parental guidance required for children to prevent overuse.

•Once opened, Please consume the product as soon as possible.

•Keep out of the reach of children.

Storage Keep in a cool and dry place, out of the sun.
Expiration date Marked on the side of the product (Two years after the date of manufacture in Korea)


Postbiotics can be defined in many different ways, but according to the recent definition, it means immobilized probiotics which when ingested, may have the ability to exert positive biological responses and restore intestinal homeostasis in a similar manner to probiotics. They also may have similar beneficial properties as live probiotics with fewer of the constraints associated with unstable, diminishing bacteria. In our laboratory, we are producing the postbiotics through the double fermentation and heat-treating processes followed by the nano conversion, so that our product may have the effects of the maximum efficacy of the Lactic Acid Bacteria.

Postbiotics we are proudly producing, may help those with: ① Lowering the blood sugar and preventing obesity, ② supporting the growth of probiotics in the gut environment, ③ alleviating diarrhea, ④ reinforcing the immune system, especially in immunocompromised group, and ⑥ controlling inflammation